Mecca Coffee

4.3 (352)
Roasting: Mecca Coffee
7:30 am - 3:00 pm
26 Bourke Rd, Alexandria NSW 2015, Australia

Mecca Coffee

Mecca Coffee in Alexandria, established in 2011, stands as a symbol of specialty coffee excellence in Sydney. This location, once a haunt for night owls, now serves as both the headquarters and the heart of Mecca Coffee. Renovated by renowned architects Smith and Carmody, the space seamlessly integrates a fully operational coffee roastery in the back with an industrial yet chic coffee shop at the front.

The ambiance of Mecca Alexandria is a testament to its unique character, with high ceilings, stone, and wood elements creating a captivating atmosphere reminiscent of a scene from a David Lynch film. The culinary offerings, led by Head Chef Brett Barbuto, defy traditional cafe conventions with dishes that blend simplicity with fresh seasonal ingredients. From classic favorites like Chilli Scram and French Toast to modern creations like the Barramundi Schnitzel, the menu delights patrons with its diverse and flavorful options.

In 2014, Mecca Coffee expanded and upgraded its roasting headquarters to commemorate its upcoming 10-year anniversary. Designed by Smith and Carmody, the grand space features high ceilings, long timber tables, and terrazzo flooring, with a garden out the back for added charm. Additionally, Mecca offers public cupping sessions every Saturday at 10 am, allowing guests to engage with the coffee tasting experience firsthand.

The menu at Mecca Alexandria is thoughtfully curated to complement its stellar coffee offerings, with options ranging from a fried chicken roll with kimchi to a roasted pumpkin salad with couscous and blood orange. Whether you prefer a pour-over, milk-based espresso, or batch brew, Mecca Alexandria ensures a consistently excellent coffee experience, reflecting the dedication to quality upheld by one of Sydney’s leading coffee roasters.

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