Circa Espresso

4.6 (1041)
Roasting: Circa
7:00 am - 2:30 pm
Circa Espresso 21 Wentworth St, Parramatta NSW 2150, Australia

Circa Espresso

Circa Espresso in Parramatta was founded by Aykut Sayan in 2010 with a passion for the gastronomy industry, aiming to provide high-quality coffee and food in a quirky setting. The cafe’s design, inspired by Melbourne’s laneway cafes, features upcycled materials and evolved organically over the years to enhance the guest experience. Situated in a narrow space reminiscent of a garage sale or art gallery entrance, Circa Espresso has been a staple of cafe excellence in Sydney since its inception.

Owner Aykut Sayan’s presence is felt throughout the cafe, creating a welcoming atmosphere where guests feel like they’re in his home. The cafe’s layout places guests in the midst of a narrow room with an open kitchen and coffee bar, surrounded by old-timey paintings, posters, and artefacts. The menu, influenced by Middle Eastern flavors, offers hearty dishes at reasonable prices, with standout items like halloumi and cauliflower fritters and the much-hyped Ottoman Eggs.

Circa Espresso roasts and retails its own coffee beans, offering a variety of coffee options, including milk coffees and filter coffee. The cafe’s seasonal drinks, like the rhubarb, pear, and date shrub, cater to different tastes and preferences. Despite being a tiny hole-in-the-wall cafe, Circa Espresso delivers on quality coffee and food, attracting locals and visitors alike with its cozy ambiance and flavorful offerings. With its eclectic decor, street-side seating, and diverse menu, Circa Espresso remains a popular destination for coffee enthusiasts and food lovers alike in Parramatta.

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